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MAWO Statement Regarding The Mass Struggle
in Egypt, North Africa & the Middle East

FEBRUARY 5, 2011

The people of Egypt are in a struggle for their right to self-determination, their right to say “No!” to a U.S. backed dictator and U.S. domination and intervention in their country. Egypt is the second largest recipient of US military aid in the world, the first being Israel. For the last 30 years, the U.S. government has supported and backed Hosni Mubarak. Now that the people of Egypt are demanding that Mubarak leave, the U.S. is trying to figure out how to best continue its plunder and exploitation in Egypt as well as reducing the damage to as little as possible to the Zionist regime of Israel. This is what the people of Egypt are fighting against, against colonialism, imperialism and their local puppets. The U.S. government does not have the right to say who should or shouldn’t lead Egypt. U.S. HANDS OFF EGYPT!

Today in North Africa and the Middle East, an unprecedented historic event is unfolding. The people of Tunisia remain in the streets, not satisfied with just the departure of ex-President Ben Ali, but continuing to demand that all vestiges of his government are torn down. People in Egypt and their revolution continue to gather by the millions in the streets, vowing to remain until Mubarak leaves and their demands are met. They are joined by the mass struggle of people in Yemen, Jordan, Algeria, and now Morocco, and also those fighting against imperialist war and occupation in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine and Iran.

In the last month, the call of struggle has been roaring across North Africa and the Middle East. As demonstrations continued in Tunisia, Lebanon, Yemen, Jordan, Algeria, and erupted across Egypt, Mobilization Against War and Occupation (MAWO) supports the great heroic struggle of all these nations for self-determination, for justice, for liberation and above all for the dignity of humanity and FOR A BETTER WORLD.

All news and videos from both major and independent media clearly showed the peaceful character of these mass demonstrations and of the strong demands of the people of Egypt telling Mubarak to “Get Out!” and the US government not to interfere in the affairs of the people of Egypt. We especially salute the amazing and crucial role of young people in this revolution. Their power, strength, creativity, courage and intelligence have already provided a sustainable movement for fundamental change.

The Iranian revolution of 1979 overthrew the puppet monarch and the dominance of U.S. imperialism for good. Today, the fundamental demand of the great Egyptian people is the same: to cut off the bloody hand of imperialism and its client regime at home. No wonder the U.S. government is shaking in their boots in the wake of the current uprisings and revolutions in Egypt and Arab countries. While on the surface, considering the international financial and economic crisis, it may seem that the mass struggle of people in Egypt is rooted in the domestic social problems and social crisis caused by these issues, in fact, this great mass movement is internationalist in scope.

This is vital and important to understand that 32 years after the Iranian revolution, the Egyptian uprising and revolution is again shaking the existence of imperialist presence and domination in North Africa and the Middle East. Mass movement in Tunisia, current ongoing revolution in Egypt, mass struggle in Yemen, Jordan and Algeria, all in all have rolled back the imperialist offensive that started with the new era of war and occupation in October 2001 with the occupation of Afghanistan and then Iraq and present preparation of war with Iran. From the point of view of the relationship of forces on the international scale, this is the most important achievement so far. Especially the continuation of resistance and struggle of millions of masses in Egypt has put the whole oppressed people of the region in a better position against imperialism and colonialism.

We call upon all people in Canada and everywhere around the world to join in solidarity with the people of Egypt, North Africa and the Middle East, who are not only fighting for just their rights, but fighting for the rights of all humanity. In this new era of war and occupation, a world of death, destruction and exploitation at the hands of imperialist governments like the US and Canada, it is more significant than ever that we, as peace loving people who believe in a better world, now have an example, millions of examples, of how that world can be won!

Long Live the people of Egypt!
Long Live the people of Tunisia!
Long live the people of Jordan,
Yemen, and Algeria!