Mobilization Against War and Occupation
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May 18 2006


Money for Schools, Jobs, Housing, Healthcare - NOT FOR WAR!
Call for an Independent Public Inquiry into the Canadian War Drive in Afghanistan!

Emergency Picket Line

On May 17th, just hours after the 17th Canadian Military Death in Afghanistan, the first ever death of a female Canadian soldier in combat, the Canadian government voted in favour (149 to 145) of extending the occupation of Afghanistan by 2 years, to 2009.

The next day, on Thursday May 18th, MAWO held an Emergency Picket Action demanding Canada Out of Afghanistan! Independent Public Inquiry into the Canadian War Drive! In MAWO's 3rd Picket action in one month against the Canadian Occupation of Afghanistan, over 25 people gathered outside of the Canadian Forces Recruitment Centre in Downtown Vancouver.

The picket set off with Nita Palmer, Acting Secretary of Mobilization Against War and Occupation and a student at UBC, who read a statement to the media. She emphasized that the firefight death of 26-year old Capt. Nichola Goddard makes Canada's War against the people of Afghanistan that much more clear. She also called on picketers to remember the uncounted deaths of tens of thousands of Afghans since the country was invaded 5 years ago, resulting in the death, destruction and lack of basic human needs that Afghans now live with every day.

The chants of picketers then filled Downtown, with the words, "No Justice! No Peace! Canada Out of the Middle East! Canada Out of Afghanistan Now! Independent Public Inquiry Now!"

Shakeel Lochan, a MAWO organizer and student at BCIT reminded everyone that the Anti-war Movement in Canada must continuously respond to these events to continue to educate and mobilize people against the Canadian War Drive in Afghanistan.

After more chanting, picketing and supportive car honks from people driving by, Ivan Drury, an organizer with Mobilization Against War and Occupation said, "The vote in the House of Commons yesterday reminds us that the real opposition to Canada's War Drive is right here at this picket line. It's in the anti-war movement across Canada, and it is our responsibility to oppose this brutal occupation loud and consistently enough for it to be heard by everyone in Canada."

MAWO will be holding the 4th Picket Action of the month on Thursday May 25th, come and join us in demanding: