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February 18th 2006

Hundreds Rally in Vancouver
Against Racist Cartoons

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United Rally Against Racist Cartoons

"Downtown Vancouver was filled with the sound of Islamic chanting on Saturday as hundreds gathered to peacefully protest Danish newspaper cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad as a terrorist." - Canadian Press, Feb 19 2005

Over 400 people joined together for the protest, which was organized by several Mosques, Muslim organizations throughout the Lower Mainland and Mobilization Against War and Occupation (MAWO).

It gained wide media attention from around Canada, including CTV, Global BC, Canadian Press, and major Vancouver newspapers such as Metro, 24hrs and The Province. (see article links below)

United Rally Against Racist Cartoons The racist cartoons come at a time that the US is stepping up threats to Iran and is continuing to lead a brutal war and occupation in Iraq. At the same time Canada is a leading force in the occupation of Afghanistan and Israel is continuing suppression and occupation against the self-determination of the Palestinian people. These attacks on Muslim people through Islamophobic propaganda are only one branch of the imperialist war that is wreaking havoc on numerous Muslim countries.

United Rally Against Racist Cartoons The resonant theme through this demonstration was one of unity of oppressed people– Muslim and non-Muslim – against the attacks. Speakers included Dr. Aziz Khakhi member of the Committee for Racial Justice, Imam Ijazi from the Shia Mosque in Richmond, SFU student Brother Osama, Ivan Drury of Mobilization Against War and Occupation (MAWO) and Imam Fohd of the Zawiya Foundation. The event was Co-MC’d by Mohammed Shafiq and Shannon Bundock of Mobilization Against War and Occupation (MAWO). All of the speakers expressed their opposition to the cartoons as an attack on the dignity and honor of Muslim people.

United Rally Against Racist Cartoons“I am not Muslim. So why am I here?” asked Ivan Drury, speaking from the stage. “Well, I am here because in this era of war and occupation this racist attack is attempting to drive a wedge between oppressed people. We must unite with our Muslim brothers and sisters and stand against these cartoons and the forces behind them, as forces of division, forces of humiliation, degradation of dignity and racist, hateful propaganda.”

United Rally Against Racist Cartoons“ ‘We are protesting because we are hurt,’ said [Dr. Aziz] Khakhi, a member of the Committee for Racial Justice. ‘We have been insulted. Our dignity has been lowered down. Freedom of the press does not include the right to insult religious sentiments.’ " – Canadian Press Feb 19 2006

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