Mobilization Against War and Occupation
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US Escalates War Drive Against Iran

By Ali Yerevani and Kira Koshelanyk

On October 25th the US escalated its drive for war and invasion against the people of Iran with the announcement of new sanctions attacking the Iranian Defence Ministry, Revolutionary Guards, and major Iranian banks. The US state and treasury departments also labelled the Revolutionary Guard Corps “proliferators of weapons of mass destruction” and “a supporter of terrorism”.

Since October 2006, the US has been carrying out a massive military build-up in the Persian Gulf. The new sanctions and condemnation by the US government are a continuation of this build up through political and economic attack. The US government has taken this campaign even further with designating an internal and official army of another country, Iran, as a ‘terrorist’ force.

Already, major banks in several European countries have joined the US attempt to hold Iranian people hostage by withdrawing from any financial transactions and business with the Iranian banks. The sanctions seek to cripple the Iranian economy, armed forces and defences in order to weaken the country in preparation for the attack against Iran that the US desires. All evidence indicates that the US is marching to war for broad military aggression against the people of Iran.

This war drive is part of a bloodthirsty effort to consolidate this era of war and occupation and to re-establish US hegemony over the Middle East. The US has been trying to recover from the huge blow they suffered during the 1979 Iranian Revolution, when their puppet regime of the Shah was ousted by the Iranian people. Any foreign attack against Iran will bring a huge loss of life, destruction and terror for the people of Iran –the same disaster and chaos brought to Afghanistan and Iraq- and must be opposed by all peace-loving people around the world! The self-determination of the Iranian people must be defended under any circumstance.

In the case that the US attacks on Iran, come to the US consulate in Vancouver BC, Canada (1075 W Pender St) on the day of attack at 4pm and for the next day at the same time. For more information contact the Iranian Committee Against War: or 604-771-7290.