Mobilization Against War and Occupation
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Statement from Mobilization Against War & Occupation - MAWO

April 6, 2017
Vancouver, Canada

Resist Imperialist War Mongering!
Oppose and Condemn US Missile Attack Against Syria!
Organize Against New US Direct War Drive in Syria!
US Stop Bombing Syria Now!
US Hands Off Syria!

Once again, the blood thirsty war machine of the US has begun to destroy, kill and shed the blood of innocent people, continuing their destruction of humanity through the new era of war and occupation which started by imposing war and occupation on Afghanistan in 2001.

On Thursday April 6 2017, US warships in the Mediterranean Sea sent more than 60 cruise missiles to Syria to punish the Syrian government for allegedly using chemical bombs against their own civilians. Mobilization Against War and Occupation (MAWO) strongly condemns this brutal and criminal attack on Syria and demands US immediately stop bombing Syria and get all US troops out of Syria.

The US, by attacking militarily and unilaterally a sovereign nation, Syria, which is a nation state member of the UN, committed not only a criminal act, but as well has undermined all international laws established by the UN and the Geneva Convention. Therefore, the US itself is subject to a criminal conduct investigation for committing crimes against humanity.

This attack was not decided just recently. Rather, the US government, since the presidency of Barack Obama, has been waiting for an excuse and a bogus claim to attack Syria, because ISIS and all other terrorist groups are losing on the ground. In fact, this limited and ineffective attack by the US is really meant to slow down the Syrian government’s progress in the war against terrorists, as well as to help ISIS and other terrorist groups to gain a position against Syrian government.

It is very obvious that the US and ISIS have emerged as one unit against the legitimate and elected government of President Bashar Assad. This criminal and ugly united front of the US and Daesh/ISIS must be exposed and condemned.

All observations and the course of the events are a clear indication that the US claim that President Bashar Assad’s government used chemical weapons against Syrian people in the city of Idlib is phony and bogus: 1- The Syrian government has no chemical weapons. Syria completed the elimination of all chemical weapons material and equipment in the first half of 2014, under an agreement that was ratified and observed by Russia, US, EU and the UN, and is still monitored by International organizations.

2- On April 5, 2017, one day before US cruise missile attack against Syria, at the UN Security Council, the UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs Mr. Kim Won-Soo, clearly stated, "However, the means of delivery of the alleged attack cannot be definitely confirmed at this stage."

3- One must think, why would the US in the middle of a UN investigation about this incident and the complete denial by the Syrian government of this act, rush to launch a cruise missile attack against Syria? Why would they do this when all indications from political and military facts are that the Syrian government has not committed this crime? It is obvious that US government is afraid that the result would be against the their own claim.

We call upon all progressive, antiwar and human loving organizations and individuals to step forward and unite to resist and fight back against this new bloody and criminal war drive by US government and their puppet allies.

Syrian People Will Win!
Hands Off Syria!
All US troops Out of Syria!
Stop Bombing, Sabotage and Sanctions Against Syria!

Mobilization Against War & Occupation (MAWO)